We make it easier to contact the owner of a lost belonging. So when you lose a valuable, finder may easily contact you in order to return it

One third of the pet are lost at least once in their lifetime

More than 12,000 laptops are lost every week at U.S. airports, according to a study conducted for Dell by the Ponemon Institute, a research think tank

More than 20.000 belongings are forgotten in cabs last year in Turkey. Most common lost items are mobile phones followed by bags and strollers.

According to a social experiment which was placed in 2018, the rate of returning a deliberately lost wallet to its owner was pretty high on the contrary of the general opinion.

It’s child’s play using the products of Bulduysan. Use them for anything valuable for you, from your laptop to your beloved pet. You can buy Bulduysan stickers and specially designed tags from our web site or sale points.

No more worries about the things in your wallet, lost bags or pet. The one who finds it can easliy contact you.

Your belongings activated on Bulduysan.com is now more secure. Your personal information is also securely stored and never shared with another third party.

One time purchase of a tag package or another Bulduysan.com product is all you need to do. You won't have to pay any subscription, renewal or activation fees.

We did our best to design cool stickers and products to fit the beauty of your valuables. You can pick from a variety of colors and design options.


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